Pop Singer-Songwriter, Phobez Apollo, is now unleashing his artistry to the world. Phobez is a classically trained vocalist, trained by none other than the elite Toni Elliot Bell, and professionally trained dancer from Chicago, Illinois.  Drawing artistic inspiration from the Greek god of music, Phoebus Apollo, Phobez offers a package that is unheard of in pop music today. 

From a very young age Phobez discovered an undying love for music. While singing and dancing, Phobez entered a series of talent shows to develop and advance as an entertainer. However, it was not until the age of twelve that Apollo discovered his talent to song-write. As years progressed Phobez continued to sharpen his vocal ability, performance stamina, and songwriting ability with hopes of one day becoming a worldwide superstar. As time progressed, Phobez began to develop a love for visual artistic expression via fashion. Extracting much influence from Greek inspired imagery, Phobez created an icon and brand that is visually eye-opening.

Combing music, fashion, and art he creates a new form of visual artist that is easily becoming an act of extraordinary qualities. Phobez Apollo is the result of a beautiful romance between music and artistic expression. His presence and vocal ability alone is enough to divide him from his peers, along with the taboo skill to vocally deliver while performing brudensome dance numbers. Apollo embodies the definition of an unapologetic artist that refuses to conform to past confinements of the modern pop star. Believing music should mirror all forms of art, Phobez has created a brand that displays eye-popping ensembles as an extension of expression. Phobez Apollo is a new form of artist that will continue to push the envelope of pop music. 




1. 04. 19